Extensive TMS Experience & Deep Expertise

Icloudtms team have more than 50 years of experience in the Logistics and Transportation Industry. In 2020, we realized that people were having trouble working remotely from home and large scale businesses were suffering due to a lack of management. This gave birth Icloudtms, an innovative, end-to-end transportation management software.

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The Most Business-Relevant TMS Architecture

Most companies divide their attention among various supply chain tools. Not Icloudtms. We focus on transportation to produce the most business-relevant architecture in the market. It is loaded with functional tools and solutions that can help you achieve all your TMS goals and simplify management through businesses.

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TMS that powers your growth

Icloudtms is a complete power transportation management system. Our focus is on providing you with the best experience in strategic freight transportation management automation.

what’s DIFFERENT about i CLOUD TMS

With us, you get the most efficient transportation management platform that enables the execution of logistics experts like never before. It also helps relative newcomers to gain expertise in ways that they could not have otherwise.

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Scott Scruggs

Jorge Jacobson

Patricia Wise

Kathryn Leblanc

Christina A. Moore

Sandra Oliver

John J. Delrio

iCloudTMS is a cloud-based software that supports logistics and transport industries administration, distribution, order plan, dispatch supervision, debts, monitoring, and infinite. Companies can accept deposits, follow up on prices, and create and receive bills, shop orders, and other records with stakeholders using cargo billing control functionality.

iCloudTMS allows officials to trace slothful and running fleets to clarify preservation, energy, fuel investment, activity, and carriers' security.

This software allows vendor compensation, real-time signals, scorecards, data reserves, customizable dashboards, automatic workflows, data encryption, and higher. Also, drivers can communicate warnings of carrying/cash and track job updates, ready period, payments, and more utilizing the portable application.

Icloudtms enables businesses to schedule consignments of different places and analyze tire reviews on centralized policies.

iCloudtms automatically transfers information to customers regarding parcel shipment, storing, or transfer methods through email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Additionally, administrators can allow maintenance tickets to team members, track pending calls, and market.

This helps in maintaining consumer Communications can be challenging, simplifying this method by allowing customizable slips, email and Tracking templates to give consumers a different occurrence.

Notable features of this software includes comprehensive reporting, pre-filled Global rules information, connected Orders and excellent user support and limitations.

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